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Save the Date!

Published March 26, 2013 by sarahgirl77

As a model for sports illustrated, I had been asked, along with twelve of my colleagues, to come back at the end of the year to do a photo shoot for a calender they were putting together. And to boot, I was going to be on the front cover! I was excited beyond belief, and couldn’t wait to begin. The photographer took us out to the water (in the middle of November, I might add), and I posed. We took several shots, until finally the photographer told us this would be the last one, and he told me to “make it good”. I was relieved, since the water was freezing, and did my best for one more pose. But when he snapped the picture, the light blinded me, and I was knocked unconscious. When I came to I felt myself sliding slowly out of what felt like rollers, and I felt very…flat. I still felt as though I was in a bikini, and I was sitting in water though. As I slid out into the light, I found myself staring at the ceiling, unable to move. The photographer from earlier came up to me (he was now over a hundred feet tall), and picked me up as if I weighed close to nothing.

“You came out nicely, my dear,” he said. “You’ll go great on the cover of the calender.” He held me up to a mirror, and I saw him holding a flat piece of paper with my picture on it, only…it was me. I freaked out, but there was little I could do about my situation. He put me into another printer, and soon afterwards I found myself attached to the rest of my colleagues as a complete calender.

So how am I now? Well, I learned to accept the fact that I was a calender. The fact that I always feel wet is slightly annoying, but I do always look oh so sexy. Staring at some guy in his room who doesn’t even know who’s staring back. Anytime someone stares at me though, I can just feel their eyes dancing across my skin, and it heightens my pleasure a thousand fold. I guess that’s one perk. I long for the time when my owner brings guys over, and I feel three or four guys idly looking at me at once. The most annoying fact though is that I hardly see anyone anymore, seeing as it’s no longer 2012. Oh well, maybe he’ll recycle me, and I’ll become another calender. Whatever happens, it be a heck of a lot better than sitting in a drawer on top of eight other Sports Illustrated Calenders.

A Keeper

Published February 19, 2013 by sarahgirl77

Being married to a magician can be pretty scary. But if your wife is as cute as mine, and she has the ability to turn you into her bikini, you will realize that it is not bad, gents. Not bad at all. My wife is very sensible though, and doesn’t like having me transformed all the time. But this time, I offered her this awesome trip to Hawaii, on one stipulation. And now we’re here, and I’m on her chest so we can “save air fare”. One hell of a vacation, and she’s not the lucky one. If you can find a pretty girl, and she’s a magician, boys, she’s a keeper.


Published August 16, 2012 by sarahgirl77

Bikini Bottom: What, another game?! C’mon, hun, the Olympics are over now.

Jenny: So? What if I thought you were one of the best swimsuit shorts ever, and I just wanted to play with you on one more time.

Bikini Bottom: Oh shucks, I didn’t know you liked me that much. But seriously, it’s been six long months of nonstop action. After this game, hun? Please?

Jenny: I’ll think on it. But right now, I need to play some Volleyball.