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Magical Advice

Published August 16, 2012 by sarahgirl77

As the new Admin for this small blog while its creator is on leave, I thought that it might be nice if I wrote a little bit of…advice I guess, as well as caps. I know that there are plenty of you who might be looking into magic and transformation, and your just now seeing a whole new world of things that the general public is blinded to. So, from someone who learned it all on her own, let me give you a little advice.

First off, if you’re someone who thinks this is all fantasy, and you’re here just to enjoy it as such, that’s great. It is a wonderful fantasy to read. But if you are actually starting to see things around you, or your just starting to learn a few tricks in magic, well, as Old Ben puts it, “You’re taking your first steps into a larger world.” Magic is everywhere, and it is only our scientific minds that have blinded us to it. Just a few hundred years ago it was commonly accepted as fact, and it is only within the last few centuries that we’ve deemed it “Myth and Legend.”

Of course, not all magic is transformation based. Some is used for destructive means, or for healing purposes, but in the past few years the transformation aspect of it is growing quite popular among magic circles. I, for one, got into the practice of magic just from reading what I thought was fiction on many of the sites and blogs around here. But I began to search around the web for more. Simply google’ing it won’t do the trick. Sometimes you have to read between the lines of the posts and comments. There are people out there who do this stuff. Many of the posts that you see are real life events, or at least based on them. I started to make contact with some of them, and one of them sent me to a site that actually had magic spells on it. It was a hard to find site, and I can never get it to come up in the Google search, but it had an enormous amount of information on it.

Now if you’re wondering what the site is, I’m not going to tell you. You have to be devoted to find it, and I’m going to let those of you who are find your own way to it. But once you make it there, you will be rewarded. I started with the simple starting spells, ones that allowed me to change the color of my drink from yellow to pink, stuff like that. But as the weeks passed by I got better. Turning people into other people became easy, and I got a lot of people in and out of places like that. I started to actually go to some events that some magic users were having and have fun there. One time I even got transformed into a dress, and stayed that way for a whole year (one of the best years of my life, I might add), but I’ll save that for a story. Now I use it at home for simple things, or when one of my friends needs to relax and transform. I recently learned how to use it through the internet, which can be really fun.

So, if you girls are interested in magic, let me give you some advice. Yes, I know some of you guys are probably interested too, but it seems to be more popular with the ladies. In fact, most guys I knew that got into it ended up changing into females permanently. Anyway, just a few tips:

  1. NEVER transform yourself. Transforming yourself almost always leads to a permanent transformation, and unless you want that, I suggest you have someone else do it for you.
  2. Be ready for the mental effects. Many spells don’t have them, but its always a big surprise to find yourself in an unfamiliar form and your mind starts get all wacky. The best way to prevent this is to just prep way ahead of time. I’ll never forget the time I had my friend change me into some lipstick so I could spy on my sister, but listening to any of her conversations was impossible because all I could think about was the next time she would gloss me over her glorious lips.
  3. Watch out for witches. No, just because you use magic doesn’t make you a witch. Witches are born, and from my experiences, witches are bad. They turn people into their clothing permanently without second thought, taking “mere mortals” like us and imprisoning us for the rest of our existence. I happen to know a few ways of killing one, but that’s another story.
  4. Be careful of being taken apart. Some transformations like mannequins can have the transformed be taken apart into several pieces. If you happen to be in this situation, don’t panic, but know that you may be transformed for a little longer than you had planned. Attempting a reversal on someone while their pieces are not together (unless their not meant to be, like two pieces to a swimsuit) is never a good idea. It’s not fun having to walk your torso with only your hands across a department store.
  5. And finally, just be prepared. Transformation is such a fun tool if used correctly, but the strangest things can happen if your not prepared. Make sure you will be at the right place at the right time to be reversed, or just to be used. Sitting in a drawer all week is never fun. Make sure you’re not in a position to be damaged, and above all, just use common sense.


Now go transform!

Most Sincerely Yours,