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Staying True

Published November 3, 2012 by sarahgirl77

Mike: Honey, don’t you think this is a bit over the top?

Wendy: What do you mean? You said you wanted me to stay true to you and only you.

Mike: I’m a skirt, hun. I think those rules don’t apply anymore. 

Wendy: Of course they do. I’m true to my word, and as a skirt I will wear you and only you.

Mike: Uhuh, real true. Then why are you going to a topless bar?

Wendy: Well I have no husband to be true to, now do I? Now shut up, we’re going.

Mike: And if I don’t?

Wendy: I’ll do a really bad mental on you, and you won’t even remember who you were by morning.

Mike: Considering you’re trying to pick up men at a bar, I’m probably not turning back anyway. I’ll take my chances.

Wendy: *Sigh* Don’t say I didn’t warn you. *Snap*

Mike: Wait you didn’t….ohhh that wind feels nice under my hem. Ooh! And she doesn’t have panties on, lucky me! Feels so…STOP! I can fight this, I can…..I can….feels good…soooooo good.

Wendy: I take that back. You won’t remember yourself tonight.


Published August 19, 2012 by tftm30

WHOOSH! Megan twirled her skirt yet again. Please Stop! Her boyfriend, who was the skirt, pleaded. Every time she twirled him, he felt less and less like a man, and more and more like a skirt.
“What’s wrong skirt?” she asked.
WHOOSH! Skirt?! I’m not a skirt, my name is….
WHOOSH! “What’s your name?”
You know my name, mistress. It’s skirt! Now please, stop twirling me!
WHOOSH! “But it’s so fun, skirt!”
WHOOSH! I’m so pretty….