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Published August 15, 2012 by tftm30

The panties shivered as it became conscious, and quickly realized that becoming conscious should be impossible. But nonetheless, the panties were feeling the undeniable pleasure of being worn so close to its wearer’s intimate parts. As it basked in the bliss, a thought came across its awareness. What if there had been something? Something so far back in time that it couldn’t remember, but something that had made it aware. Maybe the panties had not always been panties. How else could you explain something like this happening in panties? And as the panties continued to consider that option, it began to think. To think like…a human. Yes, the panties concluded that it must’ve been human, like its wearer. Living, breathing, talking human. And it wanted to turn back, but how? It began to calculate a plan when a pair of fingers began to lightly stroke the panties. It shivered in pleasure, but thinking was become so hard. It would be so easy for the panties to just stop all thought again, and go back. But it musn’t stop now! But even as it thought that, bliss was quickly over taking the simple mind of the panties. His wearer said some words, but the panties comprehension could barely catch the meaning of the words.

“That was close,” the wearer said. “We can’t have our clothes begin to think for themselves!”


Published March 5, 2012 by tftm30

Please! Jonathon yelled. Now he was outside, out where everyone could see him. Just a piece of lacy, feminine piece of clothing. He had been worn by his wife, and although it felt better than anything he had felt before, it was so humiliating. To be used like a pair of panties, then washed, and now dried. She wasn’t even listening to him anymore. He sighed as the wind blew through his sensitive body. It sent shivers up his imaginary spine, and the thought struck him. He was stuck like this. He was a man, but he would forever be a pair of panties.

Published March 3, 2012 by tftm30

What are you looking at? Don’t give me any ideas now, I am lacking clothes, and if you keep staring at my boobs, you just may be holding them for the rest of your life. How’d I get naked? Some stupid witch dared me to a duel, and her first move was to make my clothes vaporize. Bad idea, because that just gave the idea of making her my thong. The shorts? Oh, her accomplice who was watching, and tried to avenge her master. Now, I’m counting to three, and if you’re not gone, then you’re holding these jugs up. Got it? One. Two. Three. *Sigh* You men are all the same. ZAP!