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Published August 20, 2012 by sarahgirl77

“Thanks so much, sweety,” Georgia said. “This will go great for my next photo shoot.”

“No problem,” Dave said, “I feel so sexy as your boobs, and even sexier in this bra. Too bad I won’t be able to experience it in bed.”

“Who says you won’t?” Georgia asked.

“You don’t actually mean you’d go cheat on me?”

“Well its not really cheating. I can’t cheat on a breast, now can I?”

“But I’m your husband.”

“Dave, I can’t be married to a boob, and since the spell was permanent, you’ll have to-“

“It was WHAT?” Dave screamed in her mind.

“To give me the size boost, it had to be. I thought you’d understand.”

“I was a man!” Dave said, “And now I’m…I’m…just mounds of flesh.”

“And you should start by acting like it.” Georgia said, and snapped her fingers.

“Honey, please, there has to be some other way! Honey? Georgia!” But she had already cut off her communication with him. He was just a boob to her now, and she was ready for her photo shoot.

Motherly Love

Published March 3, 2012 by tftm30

Ohhhh! Stop! Stop cuddling me…it feels so…so good….

Stop complaining! You said you wanted to get close to my breasts, and now you’re as close as ever…you are them!

I didn’t want this! I’m so sensitive…and all I am is just a mound of flesh.

Yes. The very mounds of flesh you worshiped last night. Now, be quiet.

But you said you would let Steve be close to you, and he’s not a boob!

I am. He’s feeding from you right now.


With ever sip of milk you provide him, his mind become more and more one with his form.

And my mind?

You’ll lose it all at once the next time I orgasm. Now hush, Steevy is tired.