Hey Guys! It’s TFTM again, and I’m about to start a new blog over here at wordpress. I may or may not move all my old caps over here, since that might take awhile, but they’re all over at the old Blogger site if anyone’s interested, and most of them are over at Ashley’s Site. I’ll probably still submit some stuff over at the submitted part of Purse Boy, and definitely still participate in the contests, but I like having my own blog over here…makes me more…I don’t know, accountable to keep posting new stuff. Anyway, I’ll keep uploading stuff, hopefully caps every other day, if not more when I just feel like it.







Hello my fellow transformers and transformees! Can’t wait to bring all of you guys new and exciting stuff this year while Tim is on “vacation”. The next few posts will be under his old name TFTM30, but not to worry, I’ll soon have my own name on this site when I stop fooling around with magic and start learning this whole technology thing. It’s actually pretty nifty once you get the hang of it, look where Transmuter and Cosmagic have gotten! Anyway, maybe I’ll hack into his computer, and finish a story or two of his. But in the mean time, consider this site to be under new management. 🙂
Most Sincerely Yours,


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  • Hey! I just want to say I love all of the stories that are posted here! Clothing TF is something I am truly fascinated by, something I wish I was able to do. I guess in a way I’m kind of envious. I’d love to talk to one of the webmasters sometime. My email is mkollersms@gmail.com

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