UTAM Part 3

“Something must be done,” I said with confidence. I had called about six girls to my room to discuss what to be done about Tanya. We had all suffered something at her hand before, and I had only recently recovered from my week off as a pocket pussy. Her transformation powers were strong, and she abused them greatly. Coming onto campus, it seemed that I was the only one who would stand up to her. And after playing the martyr for a week, and still willing to stand up to this girl, seemed to be putting some kind of fire in these girls; the rest of the school was too afraid to even meet in private, after I had begged with many to come. The more we had behind this, the better.

Those who were brave enough to come seemed to be fired up, and ready to do something about it. There was Linda, my roommate; Brianna, a girl who had worn as a bra for a couple of days as an initiation; Hannah, her blonde roommate who I had only vague memory of meeting whilst being worn by Brianna; Samantha, a first year student that I had made a quick friendship with due to our newness to the whole magic thing; Georgia, a brunette who had some warlock experience, but had them suspended for starting a fire in an apartment building while she was drinking; and Joanna, a redhead who had her invisibility spell down to an art.

“But what?” Brianna said. “She’s liked by all the teachers, she’s always looking out for someone transforming her, and everyone is afraid of her. Quite frankly, your incident caused more harm than good, as the school is even more afraid of what might happen to them if they cross her.”

“We need to show them that she is not the boss around here,” I said. “Witch or no, we have the power of numbers on our side, and if we play this right, the element of surprise.”

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“Georgia, you still remember some of your warlock stuff, do you not?” I asked.

“You know I do,” she said, and opened her hand. She focused real hard, and was overjoyed when a single spark flew from her hand.

“Do you know anything about traps?”

“Ha ha, I think I see where this is going.” She said.

It was late at night, and Sam, Georgia and I were out near Tanya’s locker. I’m not exactly sure why Georgia chose Sam for the job over any of the Sophomores or Juniors, but she seemed pretty confident in her skill. She quietly guided the timid girl through the steps of laying an invisible trap at the foot of Tanya’s locker, while I looked around the school for anyone that might be watching. Georgia had taught me to transfer my transformation powers into a combat spell, so I could easily cast it at a distance, quickly transforming someone who might be after us. I felt the purple, arcane fire that hovered above my hand as it gave off a surprisingly coldness. My eyes darted this way and that, but no one seemed to be coming down the isles.

“You’ve got this,” Georgia said to a nervous Sam.

“Just asking, but why us?” I asked. “We’re the newbies here.”

“You’re the leader,” she said. “And she, well, she just seemed right. You gotta follow your instincts a lot in this line of work.”

“You were sure to add our little touch?” I asked.

“Yep.” She smirked. It was my idea to infuse the spell with a memory alteration. Her memory would slowly change during the week of her transformation, and cause her to remember life as if she were the weak one and we were the ones that always transformed her. She would come back, and become as scared of us as we were of her, “remembering” all the times that we transformed her and used her for our pleasure. If we pulled this off, we’d never have to deal with her again. The room lit up, and Georgia patted Sam on the back.

“Not bad, not bad,” she said. “Now, let’s get out of here, we don’t want anyone knowing we broke curfew.”

I waited by my locker the following afternoon, waiting for Tanya to come up to her locker and fall into our trap. And it worked like a charm too. She came up to the spell, hellbent on turning some girl into a dress, when poof! She was transformed right before our eyes. All the students stopped to look at the girl as she quickly transformed into what we had devised. Had I been cruel, she would’ve gotten the same treatment as I. But instead, I had transformed her into a pair of panties; a pair of light blue, lacy, and oh so sexy panties. I confidently strutted to her pile of clothes, and picked up Tanya’s form, and held it for the world to see.

“The wicked witch is dead!” I yelled, and the whole crowed cheered as I marched to my next class, stuffing her in my purse. It felt good to outsmart the bully. I had done it before in high school, and doing it now felt even better. I enjoyed the class, but I couldn’t help but let my mind wander to the girl that was stuffed in my purse right now. What was she thinking? Had the mental effects already begun? My excitement was almost overwhelming. No wonder this girl transformed people on a daily basis. The thrill that I got just from knowing what, and further more who, was in my purse was just so…exhilarating. After classes, I rushed into my dorm, and threw my clothes off. I grabbed Tanya from my purse, and slowly pulled her up my thighs. I sensually stroked her as I snapped her into place. I had not learned a mind reading spell, but somehow I just knew that she was hating and loving this so much right now. I gave a little girlish giggle as I saw the center of her moisten a little bit.

The week was a memorable one to say the least. Friday night I got asked out by a guy in our “TF” 101 class named Jim, and wearing Tanya to the date made me so much more excited, but I held the urge to kiss him when he drove me home. Oh how I wanted to so bad; me kissing this boy passionately while a helpless Tanya is snug between my privates. But I knew that was a surge of emotions that had nothing to do with the boy, so I resisted. Some other time perhaps.

“So how was your week?” Linda asked me as I lay on my bed, clad in nothing but underwear. It was Sunday night, and I only had one more night with the pair of panties that was on my crotch.

“Amazing,” I responded.

“I take it you’ve never worn living fashion,” she said. “It’s a rush, I gotta tell you.”

“Even more so when she’s Tanya,” I said. We both laughed at this, and told each other good night. I couldn’t help but stroke myself to sleep, through Tanya no doubt.

The following morning, I placed Tanya at the foot of her locker, and watched her transform back into herself right on schedule. Upon transforming, she covered herself in shame, and I threw her her clothes. She rushed to the bathroom, and the rest of the day I saw her lurking in the back of the crowd. She always looked fearful, even more so when she saw me. Little did I know the consequences of our actions.

“What has gotten into you, Tanya Stuart?” the teacher of the self defense class said.

“Nothing ma’am,” she said.

“You’re awfully quiet,” the teacher said.

“Aren’t I always?” came the timid answer. The whole school laughed, but the teacher got a stern look on her face.

“Who transformed you last?”

“Oh, it was nothing, she merely-”

“Who was it?” the teacher raised her voice.

“Sarah,” she said, pointing to me.

“Sarah Quin, what on earth have you done?”

“Nothing she hasn’t done to us,” I said confidently.

“You altered her memory,” she said. “That violates the code in the rule book, and is a very heinous crime here.” The teacher cast a spell that caused Tanya to become dizzy for a second. But once she came to, she had a sadistic smirk on her face. All our work, undone in the blink of an eye.

“I…I’m really sorry, I didn’t know,” I said.

“You had the rulebook,” she said. “Ignorance is no excuse. Meet me in the computer room after class.” The whole class got deadly silent, and I heard a few gasps. What on earth would she do to me in the computer room?

I met Mrs. Wendy (The Defense Teacher) in the computer room at a quarter past four. She pulled out her wand, and commanded me to turn around.

“You will experience a full year without your humanity,” she said. “It will be so long that all memory of your humanity will have ceased. We will be like gods to your pathetic, inanimate form. Now, as they say, let the punishment fit the crime.” I was about to protest, but I saw a flash, and world quickly transformed around me. I shrank, and found myself inside my clothing. Mrs. Wendy picked me up, and held me in front of a computer monitor. In the dim reflection I saw I had become an exact replica of the panties I had turned Tanya into.

A whole year?! I thought to myself. How on earth does this fit the crime?

“A whole year indeed,” Mrs. Wendy said. “And look who gets to wear you?” I saw Tanya’s now giant form enter the room, and I was handed to the monster. Mrs. Wendy left the room, and Tanya grinned an evil grin at me.

“Nice try for a beginner,” she said. “And I must admit, riding your crotch for a week was a damn good time, especially on that date with that loser. Huh, wait till you see what your in for with me. I date a lot more guys than you, and by the time we’re through, a little bit of my juices staining you will be the least of your worries.” She laughed wickedly, and proceeded to strip in the computer room. I found this strange, but I was so afraid at the time, I could care less. I had lost a whole year, and now I was going to be tortured by this monster. She slowly scooted me up her legs, and I felt tingles of pleasure run through my sheer form. When I finally was in place, I felt her warm mound behind me, and her round rear in, and I wanted to hug them tighter.

No, I won’t give in this quickly! I thought to myself. Tanya only laughed. She pulled her jeans over me, and I was plunged into darkness.

The next few hours were boring, except for the emanating warmth coming from her. It felt so nice just to hug her privates. It filled and completed me. I rued the hour that would come when she would take me off, but for now I was hers…just riding her crotch like I was made for. The thoughts were becoming increasingly harder to fight off. And anytime I fought it, I heard Tanya snicker during class. Anytime she saw a cute guy, I felt her crotch tingle and moisten, soaking me a bit. But that was a small price to pay to be wrapped around her, I reminded myself.

She got home late at night, and she unceremoniously threw me off. I felt cold without her inside me, and limp. She threw me in the dirty clothes, and I stayed there for what seemed like forever.

Day 1 of 365, I thought to myself. God this is going to take forever. When I get out of here I’m going to leave this place and…and…find some other bitch to wear me, god I feel so cold and alone.

And so it continued. For a few days I would be in the hamper, and then cleaned, and then worn again. Each time I felt a small portion of myself fade away. I heard my friends chatting in the halls sometimes, more often than not as if I had never existed. None of them ever paused as Tanya walked past them, and never once did I hear my own name spoken. It was if I had been erased from the history of this school. But as I began to think about those things, Tanya would intentionally rub me through her jeans, or start to get horny, or something that would throw me off and make me start thinking like panties again. And those thoughts were becoming harder and harder to get rid of.

“You know what happens when people go under for this long?” I heard Tanya ask me one night after closing the door to her room. “They start to completely forget they were ever human, and really think like the item they are which means….they don’t do much thinking at all.” She took off her jeans, and began rubbing me against her glorious mound. Oh, it was so hard to concentrate on anything other than the pleasure I was getting.

Oh, you little cunt…yes, I love your cunt, just…just don’t stop…I thought, my vision getting hazy. Just tell me…oh GOD!!! How….how long has it been?

“How long?” she asked. “Two weeks, and just getting started baby.” I felt juices flood my fabric. And yet I loved it. Why should I care if I was soaked? I was being worn by this…this goddess.

“Goddess?” I heard her say. “I like the sound of that.” And she stroked me some more.

Time was getting harder and harder to keep track of, but by the time I was getting soaked from something other than vaginal juices, I realized that it was probably summer time. At this point, I couldn’t concentrate enough on what was going on outside of  my small world to know if she had classes, or where she was going, etc. All I knew was what I felt, and sometimes what she felt. I remembered my past life vaguely: something about a school, and some friends, and…it was getting so hazy. Sometimes, especially when I was being worn, I almost didn’t want to go back. Life was so simple…no worries, no cares, no nothing.

It had been months since Tanya had spoken to me when I felt myself being transformed. I had been in her hamper, but now I found myself in an odd room that I vaguely remembered. And within seconds, I was butt naked, fully human, and lying on the cold, hard ground. In front of me was Sam, and behind her a boy was on the computer.

“Well don’t look at her!” Sam protested. She grabbed a book off the shelf, and tore a few pages out. And like she had done it a million times before, she threw the pages at me, and they transformed into articles of clothing, causing me to be fully dressed in seconds.

“Wha- what happened?” I asked, memories flooding back.

“We got you out,” the boy behind me said. The boy had darker skin, and a small mustache, and glassed. From the looks of him, he was probably pretty dang smart. “You were in the machine,  you knew that right?”

“No,” I said. “I was Tanya’s panties for like…six months of something.”

“What?” he laughed. “It’s been like a day. What are you talking about?”

“What?!” I said, standing up.

“The secret program they’ve been working on,” he said. “That’s what it must’ve been. In the machine, time can be slowed or quickened. The teacher made it feel like it was months for you in there, when in reality, you’ve been gone for like twenty hours.”

“A new form of punishment,” Sam said. “They’ve been talking about a new way to keep us in line for some time now.”

“I only hope Tanya gets ‘punished’ too,” I said. “That was worse than my week as a…” I trailed off.

“Actually, this may be better,” the boy said. “The feelings, the memories, they were all fake. This may have lessened or no effects on you mentally from here on out. I mean, look how in tact you are. You remember everything, and your not thrashing on the ground like most people turned into…sexual things. No adjustment.”

“Good point,” Sam said. “I remember when you came back from that…week.”

“The bad thing is that while your in there,” the boy continued. “They can mess with your memory, and you’d never know.”

“That sucks,” I said.

“Yep.” he said. “Well, we should get back. We’ll all be stuck in there if we get caught.”

“Okay. Thanks you guys.”

“Don’t mention it.” And we scurried back to our rooms, as quiet as mice.

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