University of Transformation Art and Magic

Over the last few months, I have been enrolled in a new school: The University of Transformation Art and Magic. (or UTAM). It’s not like a lot of other magical schools, because it is specifically made to teach people about the art of transformation. You can’t come here to become the ultimate warlock, or the most powerful seer. But I will tell you, it is the most amazing places I’ve been to. I’ve been turned into…well, let me start from the beginning.

My first day at the school was kind of scary. My parents were unaware where I was going, and the place is hidden from the general public by magic anyways, so…yeah I was scared. If anything were to happen to me, no one would have any way of getting me out of it. Or knowing where I went. And I knew the kind of people that came from these schools…fashion witches. Now of course, witches are different from me and you for many different reasons, although we can both transform others. Witches are immortal (not invincible thought), and eternally youthful as long as they live, have an increasing lust for power, and a natural gift for all things magical. Me on the other hand could transform just as many people into dresses as I want, but I really have no desire to keep them unless they want to be kept. I’m not cruel.

The attendants had me sign a paper when I came in, and luckily at the bottom of the paper it said that I could not be transformed permanently on the premises, and that any type of permanent transformation spells on the premises would not work due to a protective field around the school. Any type of temporary spells were not banned though, and only when the school deemed them “cruel and unreasonable” lengths of time or treatment, would someone be punished. And even then, they were not liable if they could not turn me back, and I was forced to wait the duration of the spell, even if that meant years.

But the attendant informed me that the last time someone was transformed for an extended amount of time was over a decade ago. It was a cheerleader who had been particularly snotty, and was transformed by the head of the chess club into a cheer leading trophy for a duration of fifty years. The spell took a full week of preparation, but apparently it paid off because the principle nor any of the teachers could turn the girl back.
“You can still see her in the school hallway, along with all the other awards the school has won over the years,” the attendant smiled at me.
“The head of the chess club…she was expelled, right?” I asked.
“Yes, of course,” the attendant said. “She was given a suspension spell that would strip her of her magical powers for ten years, and we also gave her a tracker spell, so we can catch her if she ever tries anything like that again.”
“So…what can I expect to be transformed into?” I asked, as the attendant grabbed some papers, and proceeded to show me to my dorm.
“Well, as you will be staying with a bunch of girls, clothes would probably be the most likely,” she said. “Just short periods of time most likely; hours, days, at most a week. Anything else is pretty rare, and normally looked upon as cruel. Have you ever been transformed?”
“No,” I admitted.
“Oh you’ll be in for a treat,” she squealed like a little school girl. “Typically its a very relaxing time, and I find a day as a dress every now and again really helps me get my mind back in order.”
“Oh yeah,” she said. We finally arrived at the dorm. “Any other questions before I introduce you to your roommate?”
“What about the witches?”
“Oh, those?” she laughed. “There’s only one on campus, and she seems like a pretty nice one to me. She’ll probably be a few doors down from here, but she really mingles well with the other girls. You probably would never guess which one is her.”
“Thanks,” I said, trying to sound as if that comforted me. She opened the door, and showed me my bed. I started to get my stuff in order when a girl with dark hair, and hazel eyes came into the room. She stood about  five three, an inch shorter than I, and had lightly tanned skin. She wore a green pendant around her neck, and was holding a small wand in her hand.
“This is Linda,” the attendant said. “And Linda, this is Sarah. She’s to be your new roommate.”
“Hi,” she smiled at me.
“Hi,” I said timidly. The attendant bid us goodbye, and closed the door behind her. I began to unpack my things, and make my new bed.

“So, you’re not gay or anything…right?” was the first thing out of Linda’s lips after the door closed. “No,” I laughed. “What kind of conversation starter is that?”
“A necessary one,” she said. “My last roomie got to know a bit too well, I think, and assumed I was coming on to her.”
“Oh,” I said. “That could get awkward.”
“Oh, it did,” she said. “But I ended it in a very mutually beneficial way, I think.”
“How?” I asked.
“She’s this pendant,” she lifted the green gem from her neck. “She’s been like this for three weeks now, and is loving every minute of it. I keep asking her if she wants to turn back, but she keeps screaming no.”
“Holy cow,” I smirked. “She enjoys it?”
“Yep,” Linda said. “And the thing is, I didn’t do any sort of mental on her. It’s just her perverted old self I guess.”
“Wow,” I said.
“When she finally does turn back, and begs me to transform her again, I’ll turn her into my panties or something she’ll really like. I was kind of scared to turn her into something that intimate yet, but I’ve come to realize that its not really gay if she’s just clothes, right?”
“Right…” I agreed with her.
“Anyways, you want me to show you around?”
“Sure,” I said. “Sounds fun.” And with that, we got up, and proceeded to tour the campus.

“This is the cafeteria,” Linda said, as we passed through a rather large, but empty. “But trust me, no one ever uses it. Half the time you’re not the one eating the meal, if you catch my drift.”
“They transform you into food?!”
“Some do,” she said. “And I don’t think you want to go through the digestive track before you get back to studies.”
“That would be horrible,” I said.
“Beyond,” she said. “But if you ever do get caught here, don’t worry, you’ll transform back when you hit the school barrier. But it’s not fun, or at least from what I can tell when I see the half naked, completely mucked and disgusting girls that make their way back up the hill. And guys, I can’t forget them. But guys have a way of not getting into fights the same way us girls do.”
“So there are guys here,” I said. “Phew.”
“Oh yeah,” she said. “There’s just not nearly as many incidents of guys turning their friends into bras and panties, ya know. Most of them hightail to actual magic schools so they can shoot lightning from their hands.”
“Ha, that makes since.”
“Well, anyways, let’s get over to the research lab,” we headed out of the building, and into a smaller building marked research and development. Inside, there were several rooms with people hunched over computers. In another room, I saw people with lab coats, working with chemicals. All things that you’d expect to find in any college.
“What kind of research are they working on?” I asked.
“Lots of stuff,” she said. “C’mon, ya wanna see?” She opened the door, and I found myself in a large room. I could smell an odd, sulfur like smell in the room, and the sound of boiling liquid filled my ears. I saw one of the chemists take her boiling solution over to a table, where a rat was being held in a cage. After the solution cooled, she carefully let one drop of the solution hit the rat. The rat’s movements slowed, and it’s squealing stopped as its skin began to take on a more clear, shiny look to it. I realized that the rat had just become plastic. The girl then jumped up and down in excitement, and then took her solution back to the burner.
“Not that stuff,” Linda said, and led me to the back of the room to a door, and opened it. On the other side was a room, with several small cages. Each cage had either a single rat, or a group of rats.
“Lab rats,” I laughed. “Why am I not surprised?”
“Come over here,” she said, and led me to a cage filled with three rats. They were not scurrying around as the others were, but were all squeaking at one another, only it wasn’t the same type of squeaking. It seemed short and controlled.
“When transformation was used back in the day, it was as simple as changing someone from one form to the next. But now we have discovered the two aspects, mental, and physical. When you separate the two, the things you can do are endless. These rats, for example have a human intelligence level. Over the last few months, they have developed their own code or language, if you will. They’ve actually managed to escape twice now.”
“Wow,” I said. “What other kind of stuff do ya’ll do?”
“Let’s see,” she said. “This one over here is Phil.” She pointed to a cage with a single rat in it. “He used to be a student, but has been a rat for six moths now.”
“Six moths?!” I said. “Why on earth would her do that?”
“For research. He has retained all his memory, but has lost the mental capability of a rat. We shall see how that effects him after he turns back.”
“Holy cow, that’s hard core,” I said.
“Well, you’d be surprised. Out back, we’ve got what we call the zoo. You can be any type of animal you want, and we’ve got facilities for it. And yes, mythical creatures as well.”
“So…I could be a mermaid if I want?”
“Yep,” she said. “If you can picture it, you can become it.”

After the tour, I went back to the dorm to get unpacked. But by the time we got there, I just fell back on my bed and fell asleep for a few hours. Classes wouldn’t start till Monday, I thought, so there was no rush. Linda surfed on her computer, and then told me she was going out. It didn’t seem that different from a normal college, I thought. I finished my sorting, and finally got things all in place for the year. I got on my laptop, and began just scrolling through Facebook, when I heard a knock at the door.
“Yeah?” I called. The door opened, and in walked a girl I didn’t recognize. She was tall, maybe about five eight, and had light, auburn hair that dropped down to the middle of her back.
“You the new girl?” she asked.
“Yeah…” I said. “Why?”
“Come here, you need to pass initiation.” I rolled my eyes. Here we go again, some dumb campus tradition that I have to conform to. I followed her out to the hallway where about four other girls were waiting.
“What is it? What do you want me to do?” I asked.
“Oh, you don’t have to do anything,” said one girl. “Classes won’t start till Monday, so you won’t  be offended if you’re busy for the weekend.”
“No,” I said. “I got noth’n to do but wait around.”
“Good,” she said, and she snapped her fingers. And then everything clicked in my head. Of course, how could I have been so stupid? This was a transformation school! I felt a tingly sensation all over my body, and I quickly began to decrease in size. My clothes tented around me. I began to feel very strange as my arms reached back behind me. The met with my feet, which had also stretched out behind my body, and they fused together. I felt my body begin to loose definition, and then my head seemed to shrink into my chest. My body jetted out into two sections, and I felt as thin as paper. My arms and legs fell out besides me, each arm connected to its corresponding leg. I heard giggles above me, and the I saw light. I had the feeling of flight as I was lifted what seemed to be miles into the air by the brunette girl that had knocked on my door.
“I see you came out well, my dear,” she said. “I hope I didn’t do too strong a mental on you; it is your first time.” I freaked out as she carried me across the hall. I swung back and forth, feeling cold as the rush of air hit my naked “skin”. She told the girls to go back to their dorms, and then went into her own. She threw me on the bed, and began to undress. As she took off her top, I noticed she wasn’t wearing any bra. And her nipples jutted out so perfectly, and her breasts were so round and full. I just wanted to hug them, to-
“Looks like it was a pretty bad one,” she smirked. “I’m sorry about that, I really didn’t mean to make it that intense for you. This is the initiation, and the stronger it is, the more you enjoy it, right?” She picked me up, and pulled me in front of the mirror. I looked, and saw the girl butt naked, and holding a black, lacy bra. Of course I had realized by now that I was her bra, but looked at myself in the mirror made it sink in. I was a bra! An inanimate object. But as I stared in the mirror, I couldn’t help but have my eyes drift back to those luscious, round melons that sat on this girl’s chest. They looked so perfect, so angelic, so…
“My name is Brianna,” she said, braking my trance. “This is probably a bad way to meet, but it’s how every girl becomes one of us. They spend the weekend before school starts as some object of clothing. Don’t worry, this is mild compared to what will happen to you over the next semester, and hopefully the next few years if you stay here.” At this point, I wasn’t mad at her. It made since, and I sure wouldn’t mind it if she wrapped me around those breasts of hers. What size were they? C Cup, D Cup? It didn’t matter, they were just my size.
“Okay fine, I’ll put you on,” she laughed. She pressed my back against her, and I felt a resonating heat flow into my lace body. I her hands go in between my straps, and then she stretched my straps around her back. I heard a snap as I felt what was my hands and feet click together. As she let go, I felt the weight of her breasts fall into me. It felt somewhat strenuous, but that was small price to pay to be able to be worn by this goddess. She put a shirt on over me, and then began to do tedious little things around her room. Every time she stepped, I could feel her breasts jiggle a bit, and it seemed to pleasure me even more than I already was. I was lost in this paradise of her soft, fragrant skin. She would adjust my strap every now and again. To an extent, I knew that I was not originally a bra. I knew that I was actually a human being, and I remembered being one. But right now, that just wasn’t important. All I could think about was the two precious breasts that were inside of me.

It must’ve been the next day when she took me off. I had remembered her taking her shirt off at one point, and putting a nightgown on over me, and then hours of stillness. But being worn, the passage of time was a hard thing to keep track of. When she put me down, I felt cold and empty, and I wanted so bad for her to put me on again. I heard her shower start, and I was forced to wait on the bed.
“Hey Bri, you in there?” I heard a girl say as she opened the door. She had blond, short hair, and had smaller breasts than Brianna did. At this point, that was all the details I cared to notice.
“Be out in a minute,” Brianna called back. I sat there on the bed, waiting for the brunette goddess to come out and wear me again. The blonde girl picked me up by my strap, looked me over, and placed me down again.
Don’t wear that,” Brianna said as she came out. She was drying herself off with a towel, and I got a few peeks at her breasts.
“Is she the new girl?” the blonde said.
“Yep,” Brianna said.
“Nicely done.” “Thanks.” Brianna began to pull some panties up, and then began to put me on again, much to my relief.
“You ready for the new semester?” The blonde asked.
“Yep,” Brianna said. “Ready to learn a better defense spell. That brat Tanya won’t stop transforming everyone like she’s higher than all of us. I missed two weeks last year because of her.”
“You got to admit, it feels pretty good,” the blonde laughed.
“That’s only the magic talking,” she said. “Anyways, if I could add her to my wardrobe for just one day, I’d be the happiest girl on campus.”


To be continued….

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