Thought Log

Thought I’d post this. It’s a little chat I had with the former owner of Inanimate TF Blog.





Micosoft Windows [Version 6.2.8250]
<c> 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

C:\Users\Sarah\ Program Files\ThoughtLog.Exe
. . .
File Found. Please Type Command.
C:\Users\Sarah\ProgramFiles\ThoughtLog.Exe> Run
. . .
Running Program.

Thought Log [Version 2.1.348]
<c> Transmutor Corps 2011. All rights reserved.

Subject>  Tim Smith

Subject Name. . . . . . Tim Tristan Smith
Subject Form. . . . . . Lace Pink Bra LS07 36C
Subject Mentality. . . . . 90% Current Form and rising.
Projected total loss of mind. . . . . 2 days
Subject fighting? . . . . . . No
Subject Pleasure Input. . . . 100%
Subject Remember Name of Wearer? . . . . No
Subject Remember Own Name? . . . . No
Subject Remember Original Form? . . . . . . Yes

(1) Thought Log
(2) Change Thought Process
(3) Communicate
(e) Exit


Thought Log Starting. . . .

Feels so good. Owner is wearing me, her breasts fill me up, make me complete. Stopped moving? Why? Not that it matters, warm breasts still feel so good! Must lift them up, make owner comfortable, make her pretty, make her-

Thought log stopped.

(e) exit
(enter) view options


Thought Process Changer Starting . . .

Current State

90.0098 % Mentality of a Bra and rising.
9.0012 % Mentality of a Human and dropping.

Memory Description:
Does vaguely remember being human, but does not remember anything about past life. All names have been forgotten, including his own. Refers to Sarah Quin only as “wearer” or “owner”.


Add 80 % Human Mentality

Changing Mentality…



Thought Log Starting…

Hold breats…make pretty, make….whoa! What happened? Whoa, its been forever…wait, how am I thinking clearly? Am I changing back? No, I’m still being worn…

Thought Log Stopped.



Communication Link Starting…

Tim: What’s happening? Communication Link what?

You: Tim, can you hear me?

Tim: Is this Sarah? Oh my gosh your breasts are amazing! How are you?

You: Wonderful. I just thought I’d try this new program I got.

Tim: You can talk to me? Wow, the technology going towards transformation is crazy these days.

You: I know, really. How you holding up?

Tim: Till a few seconds ago, I would say I wasn’t. No clear thoughts for the last…well, gosh, I don’t know how long.

You: It’s been three months.

Tim: What?! Holy cow, its been awhile. Not that I wouldn’t mind another three. Ohh, it feels so good to be worn. It’s better than any vacation EVER! But how am I gonna run the blog like this?

You: Shh, don’t worry. I’ve got it all under control.

Tim: But you don’t have….oooOOOH! Don’t touch me like…like

You: Hehe sorry about that. Just relax. I’ve got it under control for a little bit.

Tim: Ohh mistress likes me. I hold her breasts, make comfortable, make pretty.
You: Tim?

Tim: What is Tim? Can’t understand mistress.

You: <mentality check>

*89 % Bra*

You: Wow that was quick. Good night Tim, I’ll see you in a few months.

Tim: Breasts, wonderful breasts. So warm, so big, so….ahhh

*Communication Link Dropped.*



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