Makeup Disaster

Makeup Disaster

By Sarah Quin


Just as I have been writing to you all , I thought up the idea for my first story to post. It’s a short one, but I hope you enjoy. It was in my earlier days of magic practice, and I had just really begun to transform people. I was having a conversation with my best friend and partner in magic, Jenny, in my room at my parent’s house.
“It’s Chrissy, she’s been drinking again,” I said. “She’s coming home, waisted, like almost every night.”
“So what should we do, transform her? I don’t really see how magic is the answer,” Jenny rolled her eyes, and checked her phone again.
“No,” I said. “But I could find out what’s going on every night. Transform into something like, say her lipstick, sneak into her purse, and go with her.”
“She could just be going to the bar,” Jenny said. “Is that really a crime?”
“No, but there’s something more,” I said. “I think she’s seeing Ryan again.”
“The one that beat her?”
“Yep. They were drinking a lot together, which is where half of the abuse came from.”
“Have you seen any physical signs?”
“No,” I said. “But you never know. He could be playing it nice just to get her back. Whatever it is, I’ll transform him into my tampon the minute I get enough evidence.”
“Does anyone else know about you using magic?”
“Besides the people on the internet? No. Why?”
“I was just thinking, is it such a good idea going around using it all the time like this? If you get stuck, you’re sister could throw you away, or worse, and you’d never turn back.”
“Relax, this is just one time. It’ll only be one night, kay? You transform me, put me in my sister’s purse before she goes out tonight, and then turn me back tomorrow morning. She’ll be out till noon, I promise, so she’ll never know.”
“Okay,” she said. “I hope your right. Okay, so let me focus for a second.” She began to clear her mind, and then look straight at me. Her eyes began to glow and she whispered the magic words. I knew them well having done it several times before this, but never had they actually been directed at me. I felt a slight tingle all over my skin, and I giggled a little as it tickled my privates. I could feel myself rapidly shrinking into my clothes until I was probably only an inch or so tall. My body began to take on a more cylindrical shape as my legs melted together, and my hands shrank away. My features were smoothed away into the circular container of a thing of lipstick. I felt my face become a more pointed form, and finally, I saw a cap appear above my head, and fasten itself onto my body, and I was in darkness.
“Are you okay in there?” I heard Jenny’s booming voice calling out in the distance. I felt myself being picked up. My lid was undone, and light spilled into my small prison. I saw Jenny’s giant face, and her beautiful, full, red lips. I found myself somewhat jealous that she already had lipstick on, but I pushed that thought out of my head. I had a mission to do.
“Dang it girl, I wish I had a mind reading spell. What happens if Chrissy decides to use you?” Jenny said. At this point I didn’t really know, but I didn’t think it would be too much of a problem. Magic spells are normally always reversible, and something like a lipstick transformation wouldn’t be made permanent by just being used, could it? Where would the fun in that be?
“Okay, I’m going to put you into her purse now, okay? I’ll come back and get you in the morning at around eight or so. Good luck.” She screwed my lid back on, and I was in total darkness. A few minutes later, I felt myself being set down in what I assumed was Chrissy’s purse, and then I waited. I waited for an eternity, pondering what I would do. How was I supposed to spy when I couldn’t see and I could barely hear? Maybe if she used me once, I’d get all the info I needed. And I waited, wondering why anyone would want to turn themselves into an inanimate object if more than half of your time was spent doing nothing.
About a few hours later, I felt Chrissy’s purse lifted up, and it began to swing back and forth. I could only assume it was over her shoulder, and she was going out. I heard a car engine start in the distance, and she was on her way.
Finally! I thought. I waited some more while she drove to wherever she was going, but finally she put her purse back on her shoulder, and entered what I could only judge as a bar. It must’ve not been very crowded, but I could still hear people talking and pool balls hitting, and the other usual sounds you hear at a bar. About a minute later, the purse stopped swinging, and I heard a loud zipper sound above me. I felt myself being lifted up, and my lid was unscrewed. Just as I thought, she was in a bar, but Ryan was nowhere to be found. Maybe he was late.
“Doesn’t look like the shad I grabbed today,” I heard, and I focussed my eyes on the huge face of my older sister. She was dressed in her usual garb, and her long, raven black hair was down. But those luscious lips stood out most of all. I wasn’t sure why my eyes were so drawn to them, almost what I can imagine it feels like when a boy’s eyes are drawn to a girl’s boobs. It was almost irresistible. Chrissy shrugged, and put the tip of my head to her lips.
Stop, I don’t know what that OHHHH! my thoughts were interrupted as I realized just how sensitive the lipstick part of my body was. The pleasure was more than any orgasm I had ever experienced. The rest of the world faded away in that moment as I was gently glossed over her lips. But as the pleasure built, my thoughts began to become strange.
Oh my God, no wonder people pay for this stuff… feels so good, making my owner look beautiful, and pretty. It’s what I was meant for. W-what am I thinking? Owner, where’d that come from? But..that’s what she is. My owner, and I’m meant to make her look so pretty. It feels so good when she uses me. She finished with her top lip, and then began glossing me over her bottom lip, ever so slowly.
Yes, good lipstick makes owner look pretty, my thoughts were quickly diminishing to the simple thoughts of an object. She was finally done with me, and she screwed the cap back on me. The sights and sounds from outside meant nothing anymore to me, and going back in her purse seemed like the natural thing for her to do with me.
I need to find out what’s happening, I thought. I was mean to be spying…but I’m just lipstick, need to be used. Yes, used by owner. I tried to focus, but my mind simply would not allow it anymore. As I sat in the bag, instead of being bored, my mind drifted to images of huge, red lips, ready for me to cover with myself. The thought of them made me so aroused, and the more I thought of them, the more I couldn’t help thinking of anything but them. And time in the bag seemed to be pointless. What mattered if I wasn’t being used? It seemed only five minutes later when I was being unscrewed again, and I saw my owner’s face.
Yes, use me again! I thought. This time she wasn’t in a bar, but at home again. She was sitting at her dresser, and she began to do her lips again.
My god, she’s already back? That was OHHHH!! Please, keep going. Lipstick wants to make owner pretty, make owner happy! And so it went like before, in total bliss being glossed over her lips. And then I was placed on her dresser instead of her purse. And when she left, time seemed to lull away again. As an object, time didn’t matter, so my brain began to just ignore the time when I wasn’t being used, because no sooner had my cap been put back on, then it was off again. This time it was morning, and Chrissy was putting me on her lips again. And as quickly as she did it, I was done, and thrown into her purse. Then again at lunch time, then dinner. And on and on.
I began to quickly lose track of how many times she used me. I was only conscious when I was being used, and thinking about anything other than lips was impossible. Memories of a life besides this was quickly fading, and only sometimes would my mind remember those things.

You have to remember! I thought one time when my cap was unscrewing. You were here to do…to do something, and it’s been long since then. C’mon Sar- oh my god, there’s her lips! So full, so gorgeous! And I was gone again. And it became my existence.


Meanwhile, while I had become nothing but lipstick in both mind and body, Jenny was about to die. She had gone into Chrissy’s room on the morning I was supposed to be turned back, but found my sister already gone and her purse gone with her. Apparently my sis had a job interview at eight, and left early, taking me with her. Jenny searched her room frantically, but found nothing. Over the next few days she began coming over, but when she searched my sister’s purse, I wasn’t there either. Chrissy had put me in her dresser drawer, and there I remained, unknowing to any danger I was in. After several days Jenny gave up, not knowing how on earth she would find me.

I was being used again, like I always was, when something different caught my eye. While I was backing in the pleasure of my owner glossing me over her lips, a girl was staring at me. I don’t know who she was, or why she would stare at me, or my owner.
“Ah…Jenny, right?” My owner’s voice boomed. “What’s wrong?”
“N-nothing,” the girl replied. My owner put me on her dresser with my cap still open. I watched as the young girl began crying.
“I don’t know how to tell you this, but Sarah’s gone and turned herself into a thing of lipstick,” the girl said.
“She what?” as they were talking, everything began to fade. But for some reason, I wanted to listen.
What’s happening to this poor girl? I thought. What’s…oh why isn’t my owner using me? Please, come back…come…and everything faded to black. I finally woke up with my owner uncapping me again, and glossing me over her lips.
Ohhhh, that’s right, I thought. What I’m meant to be doing. I wonder what the girl wanted? I wonder…doesn’t matter. Lipstick needs to please owner. And so things went back to normal, and I began to forget about the strange girl.

It was long after that that I was uncapped again to face someone besides my owner. It was the strange girl from all those weeks ago. She put me on the dresser, and began to speak a strange language. I felt a tingle on my body, and I began to grow much larger. I felt hands and feet springing out of me, and I began to look and feel like her. As I examined my strange body, a world of memories flushed over me.

“Oh. My. God.” I said, staring at Jenny. She smiled, and we hugged each other for a whole minute or two. When we broke off, I realized there were tears down her cheeks.

“It wasn’t that long,” I said. “And look, everything’s cool now.”

“It was a whole year!” she said. “You’re family thinks you’re dead. I tried explaining, but they wouldn’t believe me.”

“What am I gonna tell them?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said. She hugged me again, then said, “I’m just happy you’re alive.”


To this day I remember my first experience of transforming and remember just how dangerous it can be. Not only can you so quickly lose yourself to the mentality of the object you are, but if you’re partner isn’t ready, you might end up that object for a LONG time.

2 comments on “Makeup Disaster

  • That was a fantastic story! I loved your mental change and your struggle and eventual failure to focus and retain your humanity. And how easily the plan was foiled and how long it went on for was great, despite the problems it must have caused you afterwards. Still based on your descriptions I certainly wouldn’t mind being a tube of lipstick for an extended, or permanent, period of time 🙂 Can’t wait to read more!

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