A not so Evil Witch

A not so Evil Witch

By Sarah Quin

For Cody! 🙂

BEEP! BEEP! Cody’s alarm clock screamed in his ear as he began to get up for his College class. He turned over, turned the alarm off, and stretched. He knew he had to get up or he’d be late for class. Again. He was starting to regret this whole thing about coming to college, seeing as he was just starting his fourth semester, and still undecided. He was trying hard enough just to get by with a passing grade, and nothing here really interested him much. He considered just dropping out so he could devote his energies to a job, getting a house, a girlfriend, and doing whatever the hell he wanted.

He got up, got dressed, and began collecting all his books for class. He walked into the class room five minutes late, and made a big scene as he took a seat. Across the way, a girl he didn’t recognize caught his glance. She had blonde hair tied up in a pony tail, and she was wearing a simple pink shirt. Instantly, Cody was distracted from class and he couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful blue eyes. Of course, every time she threw a glance his way, he quickly turned around, and acted like he was paying attention to anything, mindlessly doodling on his paper. 

Determined to get to know this girl, he pursued her out of the class room. He missed her, and she got to her next class before he did, so he was left sad as he headed to his next class. His mind drifted for the rest of the day, not paying attention to anything in any of his classes.
The next day, Cody was up early, and got to his class long before it started. He was determined to meet this girl. Sure enough, he caught her coming into class, and carefully tried to talk to her.

“Hi, I don’t think we’ve met before,” he said smiling. “I’m Cody.”

“I’m Jaquelin,” she said. “I transferred here this year. Nice to meet you.” She smiled, but looked almost scared of him as she went to her seat. Cody watched her the rest of class and as much as he could the rest of the day, and found she didn’t really talk to anyone. She sat alone outside during lunch, and upon any attempt to talk, she would say she needed to go, or she had a lot of homework. The only real explanation Cody could think of was that she liked him too, and she was afraid. Cody thought he might be able to make this work if he just took it nice and slow.

And over the next few weeks, he did talk to her. Slowly but surely, she did warm up to him. She even began helping with his homework once a week. Cody couldn’t believe his luck, and could sense that she liked him too. They had been doing homework together for about three weeks when Cody decided to act on his feelings. They were in the middle of math when he began staring at her as she worked a problem.

“Is something wrong?” she asked, looking up.

“Nothing,” he smiled, and began to lean closer to her. He could feel her breathing on him, when she pulled away.

“I can’t,” she said. “I can’t do this.”

“Why?” he asked. “Don’t you like me?”

“Of course I do,” she said. “I like you a lot. But…its complicated.”

“You’re dating someone else?”


“You can’t be married, can you?”

“Of course not,” she said. “Please, I…I can’t kiss you. I want to. I really do, but if I do…well…I just can’t.”

“Please,” he said, putting his hand on her cheek gently. “It’s one kiss, what could it hurt?”

Jaquelin thought for a long time, but a smile crept over her face. “Maybe one couldn’t hurt…” she said guiltily. They leaned in, and they started to kiss each other. They had only been at it for ten seconds when there was a dim glow beginning to engulf Cody. He didn’t notice a thing, but Jaquelin broke off immediately.

“This can’t be happening!” she said.

“What’s wrong?” Cody asked, but he felt a warm sensation coming over him.

“Stay still,” she commanded, and she closed her eyes. When she opened them, she snapped her fingers, and sparks flew. But there were no visible signs that anything was happening.

“Jaquelin…what the hell is happening?” Cody was starting to feel very strange. His skin was beginning to feel very soft. Jaquelin snapped a few more times, concentrating as hard as she could, but she could not reverse the effects. She quickly dialed her mother, and waited for her to pick up.

“Yes?” he mother asked.

“Mom, how in the heck do you stop this spell?!” She asked.

“It didn’t happen this quickly, did it?” her mother said.

“He’s not far along, but yes mother, I broke.”

“I told you that you must learn to control your powers before you go around kissing boys. Besides, falling in love with mortals isn’t our calling. Look, we’ll just sweep this one under the rug, and you can enroll in the Salem Academy right away. I’m sure they’ll take you.”

“Mom, for the last time I’m not going there! I hate this! I want to live a normal life.”

“But dear, that’s impossible. You were born a witch, and a witch you shall remain. I can turn you into an animal if you like when you return home, but I’m afraid becoming mortal is simply out of the question.”

“How do I reverse! I will fight this on my own!” she yelled into the phone.

“It’s irreversible.” Her mother said plainly. “I’m sorry dear, but even I can’t help you even if I wanted to. Whatever the boy turns in to he’ll just have to live as permanently.  Typically it does a pretty strong mental on him, so he’ll be happy.”

“Mom, please. There must be something!”

“I’m afraid not dear. Now hurry home before you get accused of murder.” And she hung up.

Meanwhile, Cody was freaking out. His body had changed dramatically as he watched his new girlfriend plead with her mother about something he couldn’t understand. Magic? Witchcraft? What the hell was she talking about? This was all going way too fast for Cody, and now his skin looked like it was freak’n cotton.

“Please don’t worry Cody.” Cody could see tears in Jaquelin’s eyes, but she was holding back the urge to cry. He was beyond her help now.

“What’s happening?” Cody asked.

“Shh,” she said, and she stroked him. For some reason his skin felt much more sensitive as her hand glide over his cheek. It calmed his heart rate down, almost to a point where Cody thought his heart wasn’t actually beating anymore. He closed his eyes, and felt more changes wash over him. He was shrinking fast. He felt the insides of his body turn from solid bone and muscle to soft, cottony fabric. He felt his body twist this way and that, until his hand and feet were twisted back behind him. He shrank into his clothes, and everything was dark. But not for long, as Jaquelin lifted his clothes, and easily picked him up by what felt like his rear. The only unchanged part of him that he could feel was his face.

“You’ll be alright,” she said. “I’ll take good care of you.” She was looked much larger to Cody now. But as he began to freak out again, he felt the warm sensation reaching his head. As it did, he closed his eyes and images of Jaquelin’s private parts flashed before his eyes. Of course, as any male on campus, he had thought of girls in that way before, but it had never been such a sudden…sudden urge. He felt the details in his face melt away as his thoughts drifted to her soft, warm mound. He wanted to be wrapped around it for some reason. He couldn’t explain this feeling, but it was taking over his mind very quickly. His moth was zipped up, and his ears receded. His eyes lingered the longest, and Jaquelin couldn’t help but cry as his eyes, stifled by fear, but beginning to relax in pleasure, began to close for the last time. She picked up the now simple, white pair of panties. She took off her current ones, and began to pull them on under her skirt.

Cody had now lost most of his senses. His vision was now mad up of simple color here and there. His hearing was muffled, but he could make out the sobs of Jaquelin. He felt the warmth that had been with him diminish, and he felt very cold and empty. But after a minute, he was being picked up by his girlfriend again, and this time the warmth of her body pulsated through him. And that was just her fingers. He felt the thoughts of her privates invade him again, so much to the point that he felt that he needed to be wrapped around it. She said something that sounded like “You’ll be alright.” and then he felt strangest feeling. She was stepping inside of him. He felt her warm legs brush against him as he was being slid up her body. And finally the ultimate pleasure erupted in his mind as he was snapped into place, snugly wrapped around her pussy. His thoughts were completely taken by the pleasure of being worn that he didn’t pay attention to Jaquelin’s weeping and apologizing for how wrong it was that he had to bear this.


Jaquelin Richardson walked into her office, roughly ten years later. There were several notes on her desk from different clients, some wanting to know how they could get their loved ones out of a transformation, some wanting to be transformed for temporary amounts of time. Anything and everything magic related, Jaquelin had succeed in commercializing it into a business that promoted the safe and fair use of magic, and quickly grew the knowledge of the evilness of witches. She had had her own mother put behind bars a few years back, and frankly, she was proud of it to this day.

She logged into her computer, and sighed as an old picture of her and an old boyfriend came up. She had been married now for three years, but she had never truly gotten over Cody. She squirmed  a little as she felt him down between her legs.

Cody had quickly gotten in to the routine of things since ten years ago. He realized quickly that he could never think straight whilst being worn, and even when he wasn’t being worn, his mind drifted away from “normal” thinking. His thoughts quickly became the simple thoughts of an object, wanting to fulfill the purpose he was manufactured for. Memory of his past life faded as all he ever thought about was the next time his wearer, a girl he no longer knew the name of, would wear him. His emotions were not much more than jealousy of other panties, love and affection for his wearer, and sadness when she left for extended periods of time.
About five years into his transformation, Jaquelin had discovered that she could bring his mind back to reality for a short period of time. Although he was able to talk to her through a mental link, she could only ever have it last for an hour before his body pulled his mind farther and farther from humanity that he was lost to the mentality of the panties that he was. She always treasured him, and never threw him out or sold him. But, as for most the time, all he ever knew was that he lived to be worn. And that’s all he ever would know.

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