Published May 3, 2013 by sarahgirl77

Hey guys!

So as a lot of you probably know, Purseboy is down. (Or at least from what I can tell). I know Ashley and the gang were really busy, and keeping a site of that magnitude running can be a very daunting task. We can all hope that they go back up soon, but until then, I will keep doing my best to keep this community alive. Purseboy remained one of the biggest sites devoted to Inanimate TF for a long time, and on the chance it should not return, it shall be missed.

Due to the turn in events, I would like to say that it has been my idea for a while to get an open source, almost like a wiki page, where everyone can post inanimate tf caps and stories, instead of going to various other tf places and filtering through the rest of the stuff. If anyone else likes the idea, or has suggestions, let me know and I’ll be looking into that in the little time that I have.

Anyways, thanks, and here’s a new cap!




A TF within a TF

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  • This is the second time purseboy has gone down in as many months. I am sure it will likely come back.

    As for the community, we always end up consolidating in one place, then something will happen and everything that everyone contributed is lost. Although a little annoying to search for, I think a cluster of small blogs and sites is likely the safest way. Although I have noticed the community as a whole is quite poor at linking each other. Perhaps a website listing all our various links, coupled with if we are active or inactive. That way we get the consolidation we need and the safety of operating in single cells.

  • i would say to leave it be for now til we get more solid word on purseboy then if it doesn’t manage to come back then get people together to make the site i just wouldn’t advise jumping onto it yet

  • In case Purseboy doesn’t come around, tf-media is making a return any way, with a message base 64 encoded string message in the source code “”Coming soon: A brand new, redesigned from the ground up. That’s right. We’re back. –TFguy””

  • exists already, but it’s mostly TG right now. Purseboy will be coming back, Ashley has said as much at

  • i would now say go ahead with it cause by the looks of it purseboy is still being fixed up with an unknown eta and it would be nice to have a place to post captions while it’s away. Also could have a roleplay section for people to roleplay. Just my imput on the topic now

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